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Furniture Movers Leicester

Moving home can be one of the most stressful experiences. If you are looking for furniture movers and need someone who can provide a professional, trustworthy service you may have found the decision is far more difficult than you ever imagined. Making the difficult choice to select the right company can be daunting.

As one of the regions leading furniture movers Smooth Moves are pleased to share with you some advice along with some basic steps that will help you choose the company that is the right option for you.

Smooth Moves Moving Tips 

Read Other Furniture Movers Experiences
Online reviews and word of mouth can be a great source of help in finding companies for moving furniture. Ask your friends, family or your work colleagues if they have had positive experiences with any particular furniture moving company. Read Smooth Moves Removal Customer Reviews

Industry knowledge and Recommendations
Talk to local real estate agents or check the web to find moving companies in your area that have an actual bricks and mortar address.Ensure you select furniture moving companies which have affiliations with recognised industry certification.

An Established and Reputable Company
When you have created a short-list of potential companies, conduct further research including the full company name (along with “trading as” names), the number of years in business, address and phone numbers, website and email addresses and any references.

It can be very tempting to choose a removal company that promises the lowest price. When you are considering something as important as moving your furniture and personal belongings, as well as the cost involved in moving, you are far better off selecting from one of the established moving companies.

Obtaining Genuine Furniture Moving Quotes
Reputable furniture moving companies will always insist on a home visit to view the items to be moved in so that they can provide an accurate quotation. Please be wary of quotes provided over the Internet or the telephone alone. Your description of your items and the way a Removal Company views them can be very different, resulting in changes in pricing. Also you will often discover that the final amount charged by some companies is based the actual physical volume being moved, as well as your current and final destination points. A home visit will provide full transparency and result in precise pricing from the very beginning. 

Packing Service

Short of time and need a full packing service? We are here to help, our experienced staff will take care of the packing making the moving process much less stressful.

Storage Service

We offer storage solutions for the more challenging home or office move, either short-term or long-term options are available with special discounts for our removal customers.

Fully Insured

Smooth Moves offer fully insured services for your peace of mind. 

Why Smooth Moves?

Smooth moves have been helping our customers move home for more than twenty years. Moving is an area where trust and experience counts and reputations are hard earned, taking a chance with the wrong company could turn out to be very costly, with uninsured breakages and unreliable man and van services that often let you down at the last minute.

Please be aware that we have "rescued" several clients with last minute removals when they have been let down by smaller furniture movers operating as a “Man and Van service”. 


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